Featured Chefs

Chef Roy Yamaguchi

Based on childhood memories of the feelings and flavors of Hawaii, Chef Roy invented what he refers to as “Hawaiian Fusion® Cuisine” — a tempting combination of exotic flavors and spices mixed with the freshest of local ingredients, always with an emphasis on seafood. Hamakua Mushrooms can be found on Chef Roy’s menus regularly as… Read more

Chef James Babian

Now Executive Chef at The Four Seasons Resort, Chef Babian  began his career in the culinary arts humbly as a teenage cook at his father’s Connecticut supper club. A Midwest native with an East Coast upbringing, he never once imagined he’d become a long-time resident of Hawaii. “For me, living and working out here in… Read more

Chef George Mavro

Born in Marseilles to an Italian mother and Greek father, who both moved to France as young children, Chef George Mavrothalassitis (or Chef Mavro, as he’s more likely to be called) is well-versed in Provençal cooking, and trained under Jean and Pierre Troisgros, Gerard Vie, and Alain Senderens. With that strong, classic French pedigree, he… Read more

Chef Alan Wong

In the world of gourmet cooking, critically-acclaimed Chef Alan Wong is well-known for his unique creative flair. A renowned master of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, Chef Wong has made a highly-successful career out of marrying elements of different ethnic cooking styles using the finest Island-grown ingredients…regularly including and featuring Hamakua Mushrooms. As his Asian roots combine… Read more